How To Find Happiness After A Break Up

How To Find Happiness After A Break Up

So if you follow this blog, you know that I typically use stock photos. Not the cheesy, laughing at salad stock photos, but some pretty cool scenic and lifestyle ones. For this topic though, I thought it would be appropriate to use this picture.

I took this picture (with my handy-dandy tripod) 4 days after I broke up with my toxic ex. To be honest, I had spent the 3 days before overthinking, oversharing and over-drinking (hence the sunglasses). While I knew the relationship was over long before it was official, the end to anything will almost always hurt.

But on that 4th day, I decided to wake up with the goal to take some pictures and write a few posts for this long-neglected blog. I was over my personal pity party and more than ready to come up for some fresh air.

If you’ve ever gone through a breakup and it seems like you’ve hit rock bottom, just remember that time three months ago where something seemed like the end of the world. Or a year ago. Or five years ago. Always keep in mind, no situation is permanent and no disappointment lasts forever.

Here are 4 ways to find happiness after a breakup:

  • Quality time with your loved ones and the people that lift you up. Even better if they’re furry and bark a lot.
  • Focus on being somebodies instead of somebody’s. Whether it’s a make-over, taking a new class or joining a gym, be selfish with your time and energy.
  • Start the day with 3 positive affirmations in the mirror to get your mind and spirit right.
  • Don’t dwell in your heartache. Fake it until you make it and force a smile if you have to. You’ll save yourself a lot of tears and energy.

As basic as these suggestions are, they’re also extremely easy to forget when you’re crying into your third glass of wine at the local dive bar. Learn from my mistakes – don’t waste your tears on men (especially when your mascara is $23) and always stay away from the house Chardonnay.


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