When In Doubt, Practice The Pause

When In Doubt, Practice The Pause

This morning, my debit card number was stolen. This evening, my car broke down. Two very frustrating and annoying events that no person is ever really excited to deal with.

A year ago (actually, probably more like two months ago), when something “bad” happened to me, I would have been on the phone sobbing to my mom or aunt about how unfair life is and how I have such bad luck.

But lately, instead of immediately throwing myself a pity party, I give myself 10 seconds to pause, take a few deep breaths and think of at least one way that situation could be worse than what is currently happening. It sounds weird and maybe a little morbid, but pressing pause works for me.

For example, my debit card number was stolen. What could be worse? How about if I didn’t even have money in my account to worry about. Or my car just broke down? What if I didn’t even have a car in the first place or what if it was something way more expensive than just a battery that needed to be replaced? 

By taking the time to pause, breathe and just focusing on staying positive and getting through those initial moments of shock/disappointment/confusion is the most productive way to use both your time and energy.

The next time you’re angry, stressed out, or upset, practice the pause. 

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