Ballin’ On A Budget: White Wine

Ballin’ On A Budget: White Wine

So, any of my friends will tell you – I like sales and I like to save money. I was recently at Target and the idea for this post popped into my head – “Ballin’ on a Budget”. Basically, I want to make it a reoccurring thing and highlight different, affordable options in a variety of categories such as wine (obv), clothing, make-up, skincare etc. Just a simple way for me to share fun but fairly priced things I like.

So year round, whether it’s hot, cold, whatever – I’m a white wine drinker. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t discriminate, I’ll drink almost any kind of wine. But for me when I know I’ll be socializing, I prefer white wine just to avoid that Danny DeVito Penguin mouth (90’s kids, you know what I’m talking about).

I usually go for the Pinot Grigio by THE NAKED GRAPE ($4.99 -$6.99) or the CALIFORNIA ROOTS Moscato from Target ($5.00). Honestly, I’ve had a $20 bottle of wine. I’ve even had a $50 bottle of wine. And personally, I prefer the cheap stuff – it’s just as tasty and still gets you just as buzzed as it’s pricier counterparts. I’d rather pour myself a glass from a $5 bottle of wine while relaxing on the couch and use the other $15 or $45 to online shop at but then ultimately abandon it because I don’t want to pay for shipping.

Tips For Finding Good And Cheap Wine

  • Look at the label: Funny sayings, cute typography or modern coloring is often targeted towards millennial drinkers and most likely more affordable than something that looks more “sophisticated”, because most millennials are drowning in student loans and can’t afford “the good stuff”.
  • Get low, get low, get low, get low (Lil’ Jon voice): Bottom shelf is usually less expensive because we all know rich people aren’t drinking anything that’s been level to some peasant’s feet.
  • Buy in bulk: Liquor stores, grocery stores or places that specialize in bulk sales typically offer discounts for buying several bottles at a time.

What are other cheap brands of white wines I should try?

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