5 Things To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

5 Things To Do If You Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those things where either you love it or you hate it, there is no in between. While I was talking to a friend about her Valentine’s Day plans with a new guy she’s dating, it hit me that I’ve never had a good Valentine’s Day… ever.

While I can’t say that I love it or I hate it, I can say it’s definitely something I could do without. Most likely, I’ll be shacked up with a bottle of wine, giving myself a mani/pedi and watching a cheesy romantic comedy with some Panda Express by my side (orange chicken for the win). If you absolutely hate the day and need help getting through it, here are 5 suggestions on productive ways to spend the day:

Watch a horror movie: Nothing like watching a mass-murderer chase down camp counselors to remind you that your life could always be worse.

Have a Bumble/Tinder party: Connect your phone to your TV and swipe away with your friends without any serious intentions (or to purposely hurt anyone’s feelings). Communicate with your matches only using funny movie quotes or lyrics from Taylor Swift songs. Just have fun with it. But most importantly, whether you’re looking or not, take notice of all of the options that are out there and remember that you’re single because you refuse to settle.

Go to a spin/kickboxing/bootcamp class: Get your heart pumping and give your body a little extra love. Nothing like a good workout to boost your ego and make you feel like a boss ass bitch.

Reflect on past relationships: Yes this could be depressing… but only if you focus on the failures. Take a look at the whole picture – what did you learn, what aspects do you miss, and what are things you can happily live without. By facing your failed relationships head on and taking time to analyze what went wrong instead of just brushing it aside, you’re taking time to heal before you jump into your next one.

Go to bed early so the day is over sooner: I mean… enough said.

Whether you’re shacked up or single AF, just remember that having a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t make you less or more of a person. Happiness comes from within, not from someone else.

Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day? 




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