Why You Should Try A “Yes” Week

Why You Should Try A “Yes” Week

Have you ever seen the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? This entire theory of mine is from that. Yes, I based my way of life for a week on a Jim Carrey movie. But ya know what? It could always be worse.

Anyways, after watching that movie I thought about how often I say “no”. And how many experiences I’ve missed out on because of my anxiety, because I was scared of breaking some non-existent rule and basically because of my general fear of the unknown.

And so I decided to give myself a break from all of the overthinking, the agonizing, the crippling amount of self-doubt. Any request that came my way for a week, I would say “yes”. But there was a catch (well, 2):

  1. I would not participate in anything that was damaging to my mental or physical well-being.
  2. I would not tell anyone I was having a “yes” week.

An invite for happy hour at the uppity bar I couldn’t stand? Yes.

A second date with the Bumble guy who had no personality and ordered milk with dinner? Sure, why not.

Stay later at my job to finish a last minute project for a co-worker, even though technically it was her responsibility? You betcha.

At the end of the week, I was mentally and physically exhausted.

But I also got to know a co-worker at that happy hour I never would’ve had the opportunity to talk to. I learned that the Bumble date guy didn’t have some weird milk fetish, he just occasionally gets really bad acid reflux and likes to be proactive. Oh, and I totally kicked butt on that report and got a nice shout-out from my supervisor at a company-wide meeting the week after.

My point is, the next time you say “yes” to something, what are you saying “no” to? If you say “yes” to staying in and binging Gossip Girl AGAIN on a Friday night, you may be saying “no” to meeting a new friend or experiencing a new restaurant.

In case you were wondering, I still do a “Yes” week every other month, just to remind myself that life can be pretty amazing when I step outside of my comfort zone.

Would you ever try a “Yes” week?

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