3 Oils That You Need In Your Beauty Routine

3 Oils That You Need In Your Beauty Routine

In the past few years, the minimalistic and natural trends have taken over both the high-end and drugstore beauty markets. Silicone-free, paraben-free, mineral-oil free, generic packaging – the list goes on and on.

Since living in California, I’ve slowly started to adapt to a healthier lifestyle in regards to keeping a consistent fitness routine, a clean diet, and using more natural, good-for-me beauty products. For many, coconut oil is the holy grail. Dry skin? Coconut oil. Damaged hair? Coconut oil. Shitty boyfriend? Coconut oil. Okay, I made that last one up but you get the point. In addition to the unicorn that is coconut oil, here are three others that I have a legit “til death do us part” kind of relationship.

Castor Oil: For older people, they hear castor oil and they immediately think “laxative”. Gross, I know but hear me out. Castor oil is LIFE CHANGING if you’re looking to grow out any bald spots on your head, brows, or lashes. If you were an 80’s or 90’s baby, you know all about pencil thin brows and are still paying for jumping on that band wagon even today.

Every night, I take a disposable mascara spoolie, dip it in my bottle of castor oil (THIS IS THE ONE I USE), and run it through my brows and lightly through my lashes. On days I wash my hair, I give myself a little head massage with my castor oil coated finger tips. Within a week, I guarantee you’ll be looking like a wild woman (in a good way!) because you’ll have little baby brow hairs popping up all over.

Rosehip Oil: If you’re in that weird limbo where you want to fight those super annoying signs of aging but are still getting the occasional breakout, this oil is for you. Packed full of fatty acids and vitamin A, rosehip oil is absolutely amazing at reducing old scars and discoloration, improving texture, preventing wrinkles, and so on. I am currently using Differin, a topical retinoid, which can be really drying so I’ll alternate between that and the rosehip oil to keep my skin balanced. 

Olive Oil: Eye make-up remover – check. Cuticle softener – check. Frizz reducer – double check. While it smells a bit funky (to me at least), this is my go-to for when I need super smooth hair between straightening treatments. I warm up about a half of a cup, coat my hair completely with it, and throw on a disposable plastic shower cap for about an hour or two. Then I rinse, shampoo, and condition like normal. My hair always comes out SO ridiculously smooth, with no signs of a split end in sight.

Oils people, I’m telling ya. A little goes a long way, they’re relatively cheap compared to other beauty products, and pretty easy to find.

To my natural beauty babes, what oils should I try out next?

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