Friday Five | 1.26.18

Friday Five | 1.26.18

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner In Rose Petals: I’ve tried so hard to hop on the witch hazel bandwagon over the past 16 years and either was repulsed by the smell or unimpressed with the results. Enter this bottle of amazing, flowery goodness. This stuff has been a total game-changer for me – drying out minor (and major!) pimples within a day, balancing my super shiny forehead and making my pores non-existent. If you have somewhat problematic skin, I HIGHLY, highly recommend.

Ooh, and fun tip – buy it at Target. They price match their online prices so while the sign in the store says $10.95, take it to Customer Service, tell them you want to price match to the online price and they’ll ring you up for a solid $6.99. You’re welcome.

Honesty: Yes, you read that right. Honesty is a favorite of mine, especially for this week. I recently went on a date and had one of the most honest, down-to-earth conversations with the guy and it was a major turn-on. Most guys dance around certain topics and portray a false image of themselves for at least the first month of dating. Next thing you know, you’re 3 months in and emotionally invested when they stop going to the gym (maybe even showering regularly) and start ditching hanging out with you to sit at home, on the toilet liking pictures of amateur Instagram models. Yes, this really happens.

My male readers, I’m telling you – honesty is way more attractive than any flashy watch or car could ever be.

The Living Room Cafe in Point Loma: For all my San Diego friends, this little hidden gem is one of my new favorite spots. Super cozy, super comfy and conveniently right next to a Mom and Pop bookstore. I can already tell you I’ll be spending many of my future Sunday afternoons there, iced vanilla chai latte and a book in hand.

Chrysocolla: So, a few new pieces are in the works for the City and Salt Etsy store and playing with new stones has re-awakened my appreciation for this greenish-blue mineral. A stone of communication and empowerment, this has become my new favorite material to experiment with.

H&M Silk Lace Cami: Every single time I walk into an H&M, I question myself on why I don’t shop there more often. During their last sale, I picked up an olive green silk cami with black lace trim (for $5!) and I’m obsessed. I love silk camis because they’re simple yet sexy – perfect for when you want to feel feminine but empowered.

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