A Quick But Honest Bumble Review

A Quick But Honest Bumble Review

Let me just start off by stating that I still do have an active Bumble account, which is mostly used to pass time when I’m bored. In no way am I knocking anyone who uses a dating app or website. I have several friends who have met their significant others on an app and have amazing relationships. This is my first of several reviews of highly used dating apps. All scores given will be based on the scale of 1-5, with 1 being “Oh my God, kill me now.” and 5 being good… like really, really good.

Overview: This app syncs with your Facebook profile (don’t worry, it never posts anything to it) and allows you to connect with people within a certain distance and age range that you set under the “Settings” button. When you match with someone, you’ll be given the option to “Send a Message” or “Keep Bumbling”. Matches only last for 24 hours before they disappear and women have to message first in order to start a chat. After the initial message sent by the female, either party can message as often as they like.

Usability: It’s pretty easy to navigate, with easy to read text and stimulating colors. I do get frustrated sometimes with accidentally clicking into a picture and fumbling around to get out of it, but that’s just me being dumb. If you want to switch between the dating app, the networking app, or the BFF app, it’s easy to find at the top of the screen. 3.75/5

Prospects: Here’s where it gets tricky. I regularly add and delete an account. Why? Because I sometimes get on “I don’t need a man” kicks every now and then. But then I end up adding it back not long after because … well, the potential of free wine. But whenever I’m starting out swiping, it’s hot guy here, hot guy there, just hot guy overload. But after a while, the prospects start to decline hardcore. Lots of shirtless pics of soft beer bellies, awkward poses with dead fish, or pictures that are clearly from the disposable camera era (hello bleached tips and puka shell necklaces). I will say that besides one other app I’ve used, there is the most potential for a decent looking guy with a steady job on this site. 4.25/5


  • Easy to unmatch if need be.
  • Fun to pass the time.
  • The BFF and Networking options.


  • Most guys are on it for an ego boost, not to meet girls.
  • In my experience, they rarely look like their pictures and if they do, expect them to be shorter than advertised.
  • Time limits – Some days I honestly forget about it and end up missing out on a match.
  • Women message first – I’m all for feminism and equality or whatnot, but make the men put in a little effort. This app honestly turns them into girls. I’ve had guys get offended and ask me if “Hey” was the best I could come up with.

Overall score: I’ve met a bunch of interesting (and some not-so-interesting) guys in my last two months on Bumble, with some even turning into platonic friends. It’s one of those things I could definitely live without but I also like to keep an active profile when I’m single in case I feel like getting dolled up and going out one night … and also, free wine. 4/5

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